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The Mikado - March 1971
The Show

After the success of "the Pirates" in 1969, the boys once again joined with the girls to produce another Gilbert and Sullivan.

This time it was "The Mikado", with 4 performances from 23rd to the 26th of March 1971, with 22 boys and 20 girls in the choruses, and 9 principals.

The set and costumes were designed by the girls' school, but the cost of materials and wigs made it a much more expensive production than the previous Pirates of Penzance. In fact, the total cost was £350 (equivalent to over £4,000 in 2015).

But it was a little fraught, with a rail strike and the illness of one of the principals threatening the production.

Costumes and props had been hired from an Edinburgh company, but were delayed due to a rail strike. However they did arrive just in time.

And a few days before the production, Janet Low (Katisha) had taken ill and was not expected to be able to appear on opening night. As luck would have it, her older sister, Margery, happened to know the part, and travelled up from London to step in at the last minute after only one rehearsal.

The after-show part on the last night was held at St Simon's Church Hall.

The Cast

The Mikado - Kevin Hicklin
Nanki-Poo (Mikado's Son) - Keith Bulley
Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner)
- David Hails
Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else) - Geoff Inskip
Pish-Tush (a Noble Lord) - George Green
Yum-Yum - Ann Pearson
Pitti-Sing - Effie West
Peep-Bo - Shirley Richardson
Katisha - Janet Low (Margery Low for first 2 nights)

Plus choruses of schoolgirls, nobles, guards and coolies

    Keith Trewhitt
    Clarice Tunnard

    Miss Brenda Orwin (accompanist)
    Mr Bob Mason (accompanist)

The Photos
Admission ticket Mikado programme Mikado programme Mikado programme
(with some cast signatures)
Colour photos taken during dress rehearsal and first night (photos from Mike Todd)
Getting ready
for the dress rehearsal
Dress rehearsal
Keith Trewhitt
Dress rehearsal
Girls on stage
The girls' chorus
The Mikado
(Kevin Hicklin)
Yum-Yum & The Mikado
(Ann Pearson & Kevin Hicklin)
(George Green)
Some of the principals
First night
The Mikado gets made up
First night
In the dressing room
First night
Nanki-Poo gets made up
Curtain Up
  The orchestra Ko-Ko (David Hails)
peeks around the set
Black & white (publicity?) photos from Keith Bulley
Act 1:
A Wandering Minstrel
Act 1:
A particularly haughty person
Act 1: Finale
The threatened cloud
Act 1: Finale
For joy reigns everywhere
  Act 2:
Buried alive!
Act 2:
The flowers that bloom ...
Other images
  The Mikado
(Kevin Hicklin)
(David Hails)
  Full cast Chorus - from Gazette  
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