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Contact Me

To send me an email, simply click on the address given below:

     old boys at boys high school dot coh dot  you k

This should take you to your email program with the address entered - if not, just manually type the address into your email program.

I've had to resort to this technique to avoid exposing the address to email harvester programs that go looking for email addresses. When they find one, they add them to lists which they then sell to those who send out junk email ... the result is often lots of fairly unpleasant emails which threaten to swamp genuine emails.

The email address an image, not text, so automatic address harvesters cannot read it ... the link it provides is also not visible in the code but is generated using JavaScript, which harvesters normally cannot execute ... and I've made it so that those using audio-assisted browsers should be able to hear what the address sounds like.

This technique isn't perfect, but it should help ... and by routing email through this page it'll make it easier to change the technique in the future if it proves necessary.

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