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The School in the Second World War

Like thousands of schools throughout the country, the South Shields High School for Boys had to endure hardship and sadness. But for nearly 150 boys the war meant several years out in the Westmorland countryside, and for many of those boys these were, as Ron Hodgson remembers, "great times and memories - fantastic".

Before going on, there are many who I ought to thank for their input to this section. I'm sure I have left out some of them, for which I apologise, but my grateful thanks go to Ron Hodgson, George Thompson, Mabel Coombe, Mary George and Leslie Dowson, and to the Appleby-in-Westmorland Society..

These few pages describe the school at war, and include the pages of the souvenir booklet given to all boys.

The national picture
The evacuation to Appleby
The War back in South Shields
Life in Applebly
Lives Remembered
The Appleby Souvenir Booklet


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