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  July 1st, 1916


As we remember those who fell during the Battle of the Somme, we also remember that neither Westoe nor the High School boys escaped their share of tragedy.

Some history of the school during WWI is here and a list of those boys known to have served in WWI is here. There are also images from the original school admission register, where staff have recorded a few details of old boys through the course of the war, and t

And, of course, there is the searchable database of all known boys who attended Westoe and the High School here.

Mike Todd, Rothbury, 1st July 2016

Whether you, or perhaps other members of your family, went to the South Shields High School for Boys, the Westoe Secondary School or Westoe Higher Grade School, South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys, Harton School, or Harton Technology College (or you're a student or member of staff there today), this site is for you.

The present-day school at Harton started life as the South Shields Boys' High School in Mowbray Road (founded in 1885) and the Westoe Secondary School (founded in 1890 as Westoe Higher Grade School, itself founded in the Ocean Road Schools Arts and Science section in 1887) - they both combined in 1936 to form the South Shields High School for Boys in a custom-built building in Harton.

In 1953 the name changed to the South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys, and then in 1974 it became Harton Comprehensive. By the end of the 70s it had become co-educational and became Harton School. It is now called Harton Technology CollegeThis links to an EXTERNAL site which is completely independent of this site effectively a co-ed comprehensive with Technology College status.

This site is for anyone who went to or taught at any of these schools, but I also hope that it will prove useful for those researching their family history (as several genealogists have already discovered).

I was at the school (South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys, hence the dominance of that name on the site) from September 1962 to July 1969, and have very fond memories of my time there (although there are a few things I'd rather forget). So I decided to put together this site about the school, from its founding to the present day. It was launched in December 2001, and re-launched with a new design in December 2002 - by June 2003 it had attracted almost 3 million hits!

Almost everything you see has either been sent to me by Old Boys from the school, or has been taken from the school's archives.

If you have anything at all to offer, whether it's just to correct or add a name or two to the photos, or if you have old photos that aren't on the site, old ATOMs, Speech Day programmes or anything else of interest (or you just want to let me know what you think of the site), please email me (but please contact me first before sending any material, as you may be about to send something I already have waiting in the wings).

Oh ... and you may recognise the colour scheme for the site as being the school colours - dark blue, light blue and gold.

Mike Todd

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